How to instantly add Sales-Boosting videos into your business and become an overnight authority, celebrity, and expert "A.C.E." in your niche with Video Series marketing (VSM™)
Discover the FORMULA and the SHORTCUT to Creating Viral Content, Getting Instant Credibility, and Opening A Sales Geyser That Bursts The Doors Off Your Bank NOW WITHOUT Writing Any Script, Buying Video Gear, or Managing Production Crew EVEN IF You Hate Being On Camera.
That You'll Learn
Smart and savvy business owners are using video series to release a sales geyser that bursts your bank account.
That You'll Learn
There is a formula and a shortcut to producing Sales-Boosting videos  without scripting or production.
That You'll Learn
 You actually don’t need any website, funnel, or email campaign to get traffic and make money from your videos.
Hi, I'm Preston Bates
Hi, I'm Isabella Bates
Dear fellow business owners who want to open a sales geyser online,

We want to share with you a Secret that marketing "gurus" and advertising "legends" don't want you to know in this private masterclass.

But before I tell you what the secret is, you might be wondering...
Why Does This Masterclass Sells For $297? Here's Why... (And 2 Ways To Access It For FREE)
This is NOT just another “Free Webinar” that gives you tips and tricks on how to do something but doesn't really create actionable and profitable value for your business.

This is NOT just another “Evergreen Auto-Webinar” that is recorded once and plays on an infinite loop, and the content might be years old and out-of-date.
Here's what you'll learn in this masterclass...

You’ll learn something that’s only for the elite and serious business owners who are determined to grow and take control of their destiny in the toughest economic downturn and against the strongest competition. It’s not for everyone.

You’ll actually learn the little-known yet proven secrets to the success behind some of the most successful advertisements in the past 50 years. We only want to share these secrets with those that will use its power for good.

You’ll learn the battle-tested formula that generates the highest Return-On-Investment (ROI) compared to ANY marketing or advertising strategy out there. This formula is something marketing “gurus”, advertising “experts”, and digital media “legends” don’t want you to know.
Who Is This VSM™ Masterclass For?
If you’ve built a multi-million dollar business, the secrets you’ll learn in this masterclass will multiply your success with a fraction of the work.

If you are just getting started, this masterclass gives you a shortcut to making money before even building a product.

If you own a brick-and-mortar business, you’ll learn how to build relationships with your customers online and make money virtually even if you can’t provide your original in-person service.

If you sell products online, you’ll learn how to position your products as the “must-have” and “go-to” above all your competitors so that you can command premium pricing and generate more clicks, subscribers, and sales.

If you’ve ever been frustrated by poor marketing results, disappointing sales numbers, or stressful work environments, this masterclass will help you sleep better at night and put your stress to rest.
As you are reading this letter, video is trending higher as the most consumable and engaging media format... and YouTube is already the 2nd largest search engine with its search volume exploding by the second... The ONE THING you MUST learn is:
You MUST Learn And Use The Power Of VSM™... Video Series Marketing.
So what is a video series?

It is a proven results-driving asset to acquire more qualified leads at a cheaper rate from your website, social media, interview, blogs, and more...

It is an efficient sales-boosting tool to convert more leads effortlessly into paying customers or clients than you would with a year of email campaigns...

It is an effective community-building magnet that attracts a loyal following and engages your existing customers or clients so that they buy more from you and stay longer in your program…

With ONE video series, you can make more money with less hassle and no "selling" than doing what you've been doing to sell with emails, letters, ads, webinars, or live events...

Even if  Especially if you are going through the worst economic turmoil and against the toughest competition, video series makes you an overnight Authority, Celebrity, and Expert "A.C.E." in your niche so that your business becomes the "Must-Have" and "Go-to" compared to anyone else.
What You'll Learn In This VSM™ Masterclass Is A Proven, Yet Little-Known FORMULA and Secret SHORTCUT to...
  • Creating Viral Content FAST With The VSM Formula;
  • Getting Instant Credibility By Telling THIS Story;
  • Turning On The "YouTube Auto-Play" Effect And Open An Online Sales Geyser NOW with THIS Roadmap.
And no, you DON'T NEED to write a single line of script...

You DON'T NEED to order and set up a bunch of expensive video gear...

And you DON'T NEED to recruit and manage a team of production crew...

If You Sell Anything, The Video Series Marketing (VSM™) Formula Is Going To Save You Time & Save You Money Change Your Life.
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Or, you can invest $297 and reserve your seat to the masterclass NOW.

We'll see you at the masterclass.
Preston Bates & Isabella Bates
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